photography: Shimpei Koseki
20 years beyond myself

The past several months have seen changes to how we live and interact as a civilization. I have witnessed a resurgent to a simpler existence, a lifestyle rooted in nature and healthy living. This period has given myself time to reflect on the beginnings and the evolution of my lifestyle. A lifestyle I choose so many years ago, to explore the wonders of the outdoors. As I experienced each step, camping as a child with my parents, surfing at the beach with the neighborhood kids and on to climbing in far-off places I realized how connected to nature I had become. Through each phase I found myself creating things to better my experiences. Things I thought useful, such as Packs, tents, hardware and clothing. Items I quickly found to be in demand by likeminded people.

In 1999 I retired from Gramicci. A name I had called myself, a name my friends still call me affectionately. With this departure I soon saw it was just another step in the evolution of my lifestyle. I was fortunate to have created a space in a vast nature. People from cities would say I live (and work) in the middle of “nowhere”. But for me it means “now here” and in the here and now is how I try to live, completely surrounded by nature. My studio is situated in a small valley in the coastal mountains of California, my neighbors are Quail, Hawks, rabbits, deer and coyotes and an occasional mountain lion. I have found this space peaceful, humbling and creative. I think back to the early days where my first pant was created in a factory (not my garage as the story goes) and how ideas come now from a purposeful place without being influenced by marketing and the need for cash flow.

I still hold the same beliefs after 20 years, that a product must be justified or useful. ROKX Pants were developed as the next generation of my lifestyle. A generation of new fabrics that have become more technical and functional. A generation of more durable multiuse clothing to enhance the lifestyle you choose to live. I invite you to enhance your lifestyle and feel unrestricted comfort in nature. Be a part of the ROKX experience.

2020年8月9日 Mike Graham スタジオの中での一枚

Mike Graham in his studio 8/9/2020